My first time


Okay so this is the first time I have ever blogged. A little bit about me.  I am Irish. I live in Brighton (in the UK) and I am 34 years old.  I have a wonderful loving husband, a beautiful daughter and a cat who thinks he’s a dog…  I LOVE crafting.  Sewing, glueing, sequins, trying new things and my passion is making gold and silver jewellery.  This is Tom helping me craft 🙂sterling silver ring sterling silver jewelery sterling silver jewellery Tom

I don’t know if I really understand why I have started a blog but there you go.  No that’s a lie.  Sorry about that.  I know why… I went to a meeting of the Brighton etsy team #btnetsy and I was inspired. Also a little intimidated at first if I’m being honest.  But once I got over the initial shock of speaking with people who are creative and awesome I was grand.  I guess I realised that I too am creative and awesome.  What a great feeling to be with other people who love making hand made masterpieces.  I digress…

At this wonderful meeting one of the leaders from the etsy shop  (go check it out it is awesome).  Hmmm I seem to using awesome a lot.  As I am not a surfer (although it’s on my list of things to learn how to do before I die) I will find a thesaurus and make more use of the english language. ANYWAY!  Dinosauryeah lady suggested we split into groups and discuss our 6 month and 12 month goals for our etsy shops.  And I thought PRESSURE!!!!  You know when you are sitting with your boss and they say “So where do you see yourself in 5 years?”  Rabbit in the headlights!!!

By some matter of extreme fortune I happened to be sitting in between 2 of the 7 Brighton Etsy Team Leaders.  Their shops are and and they are also totally awesome  amazing and they both said “you need to blog”. And again the intimidation set in.  They must have seen the fear in my eyes as they quickly explained that it’s not that difficult to set up and it’s a great opportunity to connect with people and share projects.

A little off topic (My husband has just told me that I should really be vlogging) say what? Video blogging… I need a little more confidence before THAT is going to happen.  ANYWAY, have you noticed how easily distracted I am? Back to why I am blogging.

I said to myself “Pauline you need to have a goal,  and you need to make it public” so when we were asked what our goals were, I threw caution to the wind and publicly declared that I would start a blog. That was Thursday today is the following Wednesday. You see how making a goal,  public can motivate you?  I generally try to avoid making things like New Years Resolutions as they always fall by the wayside very quickly.  But this is different….

The reason I chose today is because I finally believe that I can do this.  And by “this” I mean make jewellery for a living (eventually).  I was asked last week to make a commission of a backdrop necklace for a Bride. How honoured I felt.  A stranger saw my jewellery on my facebook page ( decided that she liked it enough to make it a part of her wedding day.  Again PRESSURE!!! This week I met with the beautiful Bride and after a little collaboration we came up with an amazing design that I think is going to be awesome beautiful and unique.

I hope that by making unique commissions and making my own designs and selling them on my etsy shop I will be able to change my job title to “jewellery designer and maker”.  5 year plan.  And I’m sticking to it.  PRESSURE!!!!

Sterling silver rings lava flow sculpture silver ring